OME Coil selection

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Aug 21, 2017
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I’m sure someone’s going to get bent out of shape and it’s probably on here somewhere.

I ordered a set of OME 850J front coils and
863J rears. I only have an ARB front bumper and Winch as of now. The rear is basically stock?

My question is what has everyone else ended up going with?

Smaller springs in the back for less weight? Or just add a spacer to the front?

I’d just drive it with the J springs. Yes, it will have the stink bug rack, but as you add weight to the rear and load up for trip it will be level.

Adding more lift to the front after 3” will require more mods than the norm. More caster is required, swaybar drop brackets, DC driveshaft, extended brake lines, adjustable panhard.
That’s a little what I’m afraid of. I’m not really wanting to have to get into all that stuff.

I can’t stand the stink bug look. That’s why I’m thinking I should get smaller springs in the back to limit that.

This shouldn’t be so complicated, I know. I just want to get it right.

I think even with 1” spacer up front I might be still high in the back.
Most go to the 863’s (heavies) in the rear and call it good.
Yes, the 850J, 863 combo is very popular for a level stance. If your light though, expect to have to deal with caster correction, possible front drive shaft and many other small things that will need to be addressed to make it right.

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