Old Gas in tank

Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
So, I do not drive my 40 too often, probably half a dozen times a year or so. I haven't driven it in 3 months so I fired her up this morning and took her for a spin. After about 2 miles she started bucking and backfiring. I took it back home and checked everything out and the fuel filter was full of crap. Cleaned the filter and she fired right up so I took her for another spin. After a few minutes the same thing happened so I repeated the cleaning. I did alot of reading and ended up putting 5 gallons of super unleaded fuel in it as well as some seafoam.There was only about 1/8 of a tank prior to adding the 5 so it should have mixed pretty well. Drove her around for a bit and she died again due to a clogged filter. Good thing the filter cartridge is serviceable. Anyways, the seafoam seems to be doing its job but was wondering how long its going to do this or how long its going to take for the clean fuel to start working. It did start to run a bit better but the filter needs cleaning after about every 5 or so miles.
Dec 17, 2005
Do you have that damn ethanol blend crap? It absorbs moisture and also strips the gasoline lacquer from the tank walls, clogging the lines and filter.

In some localities premium fuel does not need to have ethanol added. If that's the case in your area, you might want to switch to premium. Yeah, it will cost more, but it may also restore lost fuel mileage and keep the nasties out of the fuel filter.

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