oilpan install/removal and felpro gasket

Oct 18, 2002
Well in the process of rebuilding my engine the past couple of weeks and a few things i learned which made it much easier that i haven't seen posted anywere yet...

If you take the two covers off the bottom of the tranny bellhousing it is easier to get the oilpan on and off.

Second i got the dreaded 4 piece Felpro gasket...and what i did is just glue it to the oilpan in place with some weather strip adhesive....then i just put the pan on. No fighting with gasketsor anything..had to take the oil pan off after i had it all bolted again and it came off and went back on no problem...oh and this was all takin place inside the truck.

Apr 10, 2003
thanks for the tips, it is about time I changed out my oil pan gasket :G

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