Oil seal fix questions please.....

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May 30, 2005
In the past I've had to use a puller on non Toyota vehicles to get the crank pulley off. The FAQ write up on the oil seal replacement doesn't mention anything about a puller. Do ya need one or does it just slide right off?

Also - I just changed the oil 500 miles back. I figure all the oil is in the pan, etc. Do I need to drain oil for this fix? I figure not, but it never hurts to ask.

Thanks all.
You can use a puller if needed. I did not. However, you will need to keep the crank from spinning. No need to drain the oil.
I have not needed a puller. I do suggest you rotate the crank so that the key-way is facing up so you don't lose the key. The tricky part is tightening it back up.

Also be prepared as you slide the pulley off the crank. The SOB is heavy and it may try to get away from you. If you drop it you will be pissed....
Thanks guys. I appreciate the response(s).
Take some pics if possible.
I need to do the same.
If you do need a puller (some time I have needed one), a two arm puller works (without the arms, just the bar)great just to break loose the interface , then will slide. Or if you feel lucky, two pry bars with a little force(one on each side of pully), if you use a lot of force you could break the cover. Any how good luck. robbie
Be hard to get pics - the guy I wrench with has no patience.

Drives me nuts, but we work on all our vehicles together ( six ) and he's got more tools than any garage I've ever been in, so I rarely have time for pics.

For example - we did a full front end birf job in about four hours with another guy cleaning parts and packing bearings.

The pics on the oil seal FAQ write up are pretty good. I'm particulary fond of the one with claw hammer.
I might still be a little sleepy but I can't seem to find this tech write up on the seal?

Can you point me towards it?


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