OEM chrome wheel rust! Any suggestions?

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Oct 18, 2006
Like the title says..
I dipped my spare rim in rust remover from AutoZone. Works GREAT! But at $8 a quart and needing 2 per wheel, it's too expensive. No scrubbing, just dip. I still have some rust after the liquid lost its strength after getting of tons of rust off.


I'm seeing a layer of epoxy/paint at the seem. Question? What could I use to reseal it? Also, After removing all of the rust, I plan to coat it with some kind of Tar or paint to guard against it getting rusted again.

Any suggestions?


And the outer shiny side.... No scrubbing or scraping...:cool: There is just something about a shiny rim that makes me want to use it for Decor... b Beautiful :clap::cool::D
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Being that the back side is the ugly side, just treat the rust with Corroseal or similar rust converter, throw a coat of paint on it and be done with it. With that much rust the chrome on the backside is gone so removing all the rust will just expose raw steel.

The back of my rims are far worse than that.

Actually the steel wool will not scratch the chrome. Use coraser steel wool to remove rust and oxidation, then a fine 0000 steel wool to polish. No scratches.

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