Odometer tanked... what to do?

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Jul 22, 2013
Memphis, TN

I've just noticed that my odometer is not adding mileage. speedo works, trip odometer works, but main odo does not flip. the "tenths" are flipping, but the "ones" are not flipping. Any remote diagnoses out there? Any suggestions? My mechanic friend think i need a new odo head. I've got 176k on it. should i even worry about this?
The are many "Speedo" shops can repair your odo. It is likely just dirty, or the grease has dried out and the gears can't turn. I had mine tuned up for $45 here in SoCal, but Pauls Speedo in Redondo Beach is a longs ways to go...

Another option is to find a cluster in the part out section and just swap it out. Mileage will be different, but that too can be adjusted to match or noted in records.

Paul's would be a haul for me, but i bet there's somebody nearby that can help. Thanks Doug, i'll check that out. I hope your diagnosis is correct.

I got a 155k one that works great just needs your housing and lense swapped out.
$20 if your interested.

I might be interested. is it off an fj60? if i can get the current one running again i'll stick with it. taking into tech tomorrow so should hopefully know soon.

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