November 2011 Event - Harvest Haul to Harlan

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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
Hey All,
I am helping the Keefers out with the planning for this run. I know it's early, but this year we are looking to rent house(s) in lieu of camping. I don't think it will be all that expensive and if we have rain, like in '09, we'll be set either way.

So here's the plan....

I have targeted a few houses in the area and now's the time to go ahead and get them reserved. There is no way to make this "fair", other than first come first serve. Once you throw your name in the hat, you are responsible for that share of the house, so if you decide to back out, you can either sell your share, or you eat the cost. Sorry folks, I just can't think of another way to do this given that backing out would put others in a bad position. Once we have enough committed for a house, I'll book it, and move to the next.

I will try to make sure to keep the houses we rent close together so we can all hang out in the evenings together.

Looks like we'll probably have to leave the mutts home for this ride as most of these places have a no pets policy.

So as folks reply, I'll edit this list here in the first post.

Wellers - 1 bedroom (probably looking to go Wed 11/9-Sun 11/12)
Keefers - 1 bedroom

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Same as listed in the '11 events thread, but I added them to the post above.

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I'm in, I just don't know who's going with me as of yet... Put me in for a room...
This sounds fun!
Unfortunately I'm slated to be in Austin that week!
Rather than renting a house off site have you considered renting a cabin or two right at the site? They have been adding cabins and many have plumbing. This would allow people to either join in on the cabin or choose primitive camping and still be at the same site. It will make getting together at the beginning of the day and also hanging around the camp fire at night easier.

Just a thought.

Heather and I want to make this run, hoping to have the 60 ready.
I am not sure if I'll be able to make this or not. When do we need to let you know by, Ramon?
looking into this one. sounds like a blast.
OK - I think that Steph and I are in...she's checking with work and should know for sure this weekend.

Any updates on house/cabin searching?
Yeah, looks like the only takers for this run are me (solo), Brian (solo), and Mabes (2). Eric, are you guys in or no? Given the small group, we (Brian and I) discussed a different option this weekend, so I will reach out via PM with the details - Eric, please let me know ASAP.

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I maybe able to convience the wife to let me go. If I can go.. can i ride with someone from raleigh? I can split cost? Any takers?
Looks like I am out. Tillman's birthday party got moved to the weekend after his birthday....dammit. Sorry guys. I really wanted to go to this one.
I maybe able to convience the wife to let me go. If I can go.. can i ride with someone from raleigh? I can split cost? Any takers?

I will be in Fort Bragg all of Nov. I am expecting to have the 11th off since it is vets day. If so, you could ride with me. I will be in my f250 by myself towing the 40 so you can ride with me.

I am not sure what the rest of the guys are planning so we will have to see.

We can work out the details at the HAMOM.

So tentavely I am in for Fri, Sat leave Sun early. I wont know for sure until I report to school and get my actual schedule.
Del let me talk to the wife and I will get back with you.
I was in Harlan last weekend for the Fall Crawl. We stayed at the Black Mountain Cabins, we've stayed there 3 times this year. Their cabins are pretty good for the price. There are large 8 person cabins and smaller 4 person cabins. We stay in an 8 person cabin. We were there for 4 nights and it cost just over $500 total. The cabin has 2 sets of bunk beds, a loft with 4 matresses, a living room with couch, recliner, and TV, and a kitchen area with refrigerator, sink, and table. It has a full bathroom as well. Cabins are basic, but everything you need to stay warm and dry.

Black Mountain Cabins - Evarts, Kentucky
There are also Cabins on the Putney side of the park. We generally stay on that side of the park and tent camp. Unfortunately we will not be making this trip.
Hey Del,
When will you know by? We need to have a definite headcount in place before we decide if we should even go. Since Harlan is fairly remote (as in you may get on a trail and not see anyone around for a while), I would like to have a decent sized group. Safety in numbers if you know what I mean. I think 4 rigs with at least 2 winches and several sets of hands would be best.

I would like to make a decision by the end of this weekend.

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Its a no go for me... trying to get cruiser on the road is sucking up my funds.
I would leave early AM Thursday

In order to make this round trip worthwile, I would plan to leave Thursday morning early. Try to get camp set up Thursday and maybe a short run in during the afternoon. Who else could keep that schedule. I'm thinking total trip cost (towing) for me will be in the $350 range, so I want to get all the wheeling in possible.

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