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Apr 4, 2009
Jackson Wyoming
Ok 5 weeks in to the "is this worth saving" of my 83 FJ60. Rebuilt carb, checked timing x2, checked/replaced hoses x4, Replaced EGR gaskets, tightened manifold bolts to spec x2, cleaned everything I can reach and I am STILL at 5-6inches of vacuum at 6250 ft altitude. Engine will start and run but stumbles badly and stalls until it is all the way warm. When warm it runs to 10-11 inches of vaccum at about 1600rpm and maxes out there. What is large enough to cause me to be losing about 2/3 of my vacuum? Is my only option left to pull the manifolds and check for cracks? I am not afraid to go there but not something I look forward to doing if there is any chance I missed something obvious. Ask away if you like, I am no genius just amazingly persistent....haha! Thanks fellow cruiserheads this crap is addicting........gotta go mow the lawn before it blocks the windows......coming dear!!!!!
I will check....

Thanks to you both for a place to begin again. I will check the issues you noted tomorrow and get back to this post on what I find out.
Have you adjusted your valves? Set them to spec then recheck your numbers.

.... tightened manifold bolts to spec x2, cleaned everything I can reach and I am STILL at 5-6inches of vacuum at 6250 ft altitude.

Sometimes no amount of manifold bolt tightening will seal it up if your manifold surfaces are warped. I had to have mine planed before my vacuum leaks totally went away. Hopefully you don't have to go there. Mudders have had mixed success finding shops willing to do it.
Step up get the cigar!!!!!

Yea! It runs and runs well......Backtracked on all my previous fixes. I could not understand why I fixed so many leaking issues with this engine and saw little or no net rise in vacuum???? Well I revisited the EGR valve. My initlal inspection found the j-tube with no gasket and leaking at the exhaust pipe connection. Next the intake port was found also to be leaking. I had inserted a small tool under the EGR valve and pushed up and it moved up and came back down so I moved on to other things.......WRONG!!!
On my second pass thru the EGR circuit I removed the EGR valve ( a PIA for a lefty) and looked into the outlet was a dark and soot filled place......I placed the valve in a small tub and filled it with carb cleaner. While I was cleaning other parts next to the tub I heard a distinct click come from the valve in the cleaner!!!. The EGR valve was stuck open but it did travel further upward when pushed up. It then moved down about 1/4 inch but NOT ENOUGH TO SEAT!. The dang thing was stuck open
about 1/3 of its total travel. This is where all my vacuum was going. Cleaned it nice until it slid easily thru its total range, reinstalled it and I am now pulling a constant stable 15" of vacuum. At 6250 ft elevation thats pretty good!!. I am estatic that I now know my rig is worth restoring further. Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far......I will need more just as soon as I move on to the next issue but for now I am grateful to sit in the garage and listen to it purr for a bit!!!

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