noob needs engine advice

Mar 23, 2007
Moab Utah
Here is the dilema. I bought an fj60 with a bad 2f motor. the owner said that it was just the main bearing. After I got it home I found a 3fe in the junk yard and pulled the motor and such( the fj62 I pulled it from was in a wreck). I have dismantles the two motors ie. pulled off the heads and oil pans. I am wondering which motor to use. the other thing is I want to run propane, so I need to stick with the carb. the 3f looks to be in good shape. There are still hone marks on the cylindar walls. The 2f that was in it has had better days. the thing needs to be bored and probable a full rebuild.
here is the question. IF the 3f motor looks good and still has the hone marks can you just rehone it and not worry about new pistons. I would do the rings. I was told by the machine shop that the guy hates the 3f motor and that they always leak. he also called it a piece of crap.

I was wondering what advice you could give me about which motor.

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