Noob looking to buy a '96

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Apr 5, 2009
Alright, gentlemen. I'm new to this game and am going to llok at a 1996 Cruiser (locked) with the TRD 'charger and 177K. The blower was installed at 105K. I want something that's off-road capable if I find myself in a pickle, but serious excursions and rock-crawling aren't my thing. Anything in particular I need to be looking for..............yes, I've already read the article for new purchasers, just wanted to know if anyone had any new suggestions, especially given the fact that it's supercharged.

Is that truck in Texas? White? If so, I looked at it (via pics and emails) before I found the one I ended up buying. Seller seems straight up and all of the pics he sent me looked nice. I was curious about the SC as well. One thing that turned me off was the need for super unleaded gas. With the threat of gas prices going back up, I didn't want that concern.

Looked like a really nice cruiser, though.

If this isn't the truck, ignore everything I just said with the exception of the super unleaded.
Yep, that's the one. Gold badges. Guy's in McKinney. I'm off the check in now. If I like it, I'll probably pick it up tomorrow.
Good luck. I hope it works out for you. It really looks like a nice rig.
Update: That thing is a beast. The carpet in the back is a little rough due to a spill, but it's got a Weathertech mat, so I can live with it. The feaux woodgrain is a little faded, but it can be replaced. Not a single squeak or rattle to be heard. It's a bit spendy at $8,500, but the tires are literally brand new (still has some of the blue on the white lettering), it has the rock guards on the taillights, and the grille and headlight guards, so those are worth a few hundred bucks. Then there's the supercharger. Still not a race car by any stretch....more like a really fast tractor. Overall it felt solid, so it'll be mine at 1700 hrs. tomorrow.
Nicely done. Tell him that Matt from Atlanta almost pulled the trigger on this one, but had to hold out for something with some more purposeful wheeling mods that was a little more in my price range. Congrats on a nice truck.

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