No more living vicariously, I got one!

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Nov 7, 2008
I picked this up today. Its compliance plate has it down as a 1-74 build, so that's what I'm going with.

The story is that the truck was first sold to a farmer in NSW who used it as a farm run around for 30 odd years. His step son in law then bought it and used it for a couple of years doing real estate. I think he might have had the seats re done. It was last registered in 2010.

The guy I bought it from got it off ebay and had it shipped to him in Ipswich. He then went about changing the brake and clutch masters, having the carb rebuilt and removing the rear brakes, and clamping the line. The rear brakes came in a box in a rusted and seized state.

Its currently residing at a friends place until I can gather all the parts required to do 60 brake up grade and possibly power steering. As much as originality is nice, practicality and safety ( to me) are more important.

Plan with the body is to try and get it all to the same shade of flat, sun bleached tan, and preserve the rest. The rust in the bed is the worst of it, there's a little in the roof, but nothing structural. The dash and doors haven't been cut or had extra holes put in them, and theres not a whole lot of extra wiring to deal with. The seatbelts came in a bag and it has the bottle jack and handles as well.

The bulbar ( Alloy) and spot light will be going and I have a line on a stock one that I'll put on.

Tires are retreads and shot. I have a 235/85/r16 BFG All terrain in storage that I'll use as a spare and get four new ones mounted to the split rims to get it roadworthy. One wheel is hub cap rim that I'll need to try and swap with someone for a normal split. Or I'll try and find 5 solid rims and get five new tires. Not sure yet.

Anyway, enough reading ( if you haven't skipped ahead already), onto the photo's!

DSC_0695.JPG Owner driving it out of its 'barn'

DSC_0697.JPG ready to go on the tow truck. I'm sure people slowed down while overtaking it to get a look!

DSC_0699.JPG Sitting tall and aloof next to my friends golf. Its free storage, but its in the open and the better part of an hour away.
DSC_0705.JPG Worst of the rust. Haven't found any in any of the body seals
DSC_0706.JPG Tucked up for a week or two while I get myself organised
He's arrived! Looks pretty good Andrew. I dig it. Very solid base for a build. I say mod those mechanicals to your hearts content. As you know the 60 power steering conversion is a good one, but apparently the 80 box is bigger [?]. The 60 axles should track less in the B-Double ruts on Gympie Road. I can help you out with a split rim and even a tyre if I'm not mistaken. Are you keeping the period look of the bed or going a dropside tray?

Pics of the interior mate, and you call yourself a Mudder?? ;)

Nice score :beer:
Thanks Dan.
I've only got phone pics of the interior, my Mud skills haven't got as far as camera work yet.

I picked up two 60 series power steering boxes last week, so I'll go with those. At this stage the plan is just to swap the knuckles so I don't need to worry about the spring perch issues.

The tray is staying. Its the main reason I fell for it!



Cool! I love the early steering wheels, but a close second is the middle years with that cool red and white centre. Looks great! Do me a favour and let me know when you're ditching that speaker? It'd look right at home on mine and I know you'll want to update.

Yours and my trucks share so many spares. If you need a few, just shout.
G'day mate, if its a 74 then she sould have the f155 with upgraded oil system, oil filter on right side like 2f. very good engine
Doors do have stray holes drilled by the looks for the west coast mirrors, if your looking to get rid of them i like to trade :)
Your right or mine?
This might sound terrible, especially since I've been reading about Dan's woes with his engine, but I was more concerned with the body & chassis than the engine. It starts first go, if the battery has enough juice. I know the clutch needs adjusting, it sometimes takes a couple of pumps and some encouragement to go into gear. It does sound a little rough, so I need to check the exhaust for a hole or ten, and the distributor and coil.

I've only driven it in low range four wheel drive because of the lack of rear brakes, but it seems to have good response to it.

As for the mirrors, yeah they will probably go, but are down the list of priorities at this stage. Happy to swap them for the proper ones if you have them. I also need a transfer case knob, radio blanking plate, ,... I'll stop, its long list already!
Love it! Maybe we'll see it around your old stomping ground sneak?
I used to have some spare clipped rims but sold 'em to Dan...
The drivers side. F oil filters are on the pax side. When I get underway we'll have to have a threesome at Pete's.
Wait, that sounded wrong..
well done; looks like a nice old survivor. think that radio delete panel is available repo ex usa.
Great find !

I am digging the sliding rear window!
more like me looking at pics on my phone ;)

you are correct......

cool 45...slider or not ;)

Its an optical illusion, it has no such sliding window, though it is something I'm thinking of.
So I realised that this project had turned into a Catch 22, I need to be able to use the truck in order to get the parts to fix/upgrade the truck. Using a station wagon to collect axles just wasn't going to work.

So the new plan is to rebuild the non existent rear drums and get it back on the road. This also means I can get the truck home and be able to work on it when I want to.

And in the budget, reuse what I can theme of this build, I scrounged a parts washer out of dumpster at work. Had to fix the hose connection, but it all works and I should be able to squeeze a steering knuckle into it.
Ah-HA! I face the same dilemma. However, Sneak me old mate what if I do said engine swappery and then you/we can use my old Tojo to get the bulkier parts? That way, you can get stuck in.
Ah-HA! I face the same dilemma. However, Sneak me old mate what if I do said engine swappery and then you/we can use my old Tojo to get the bulkier parts? That way, you can get stuck in.

I saw your engine at Aladdins cave the other day and was wondering when you were going to swap them over. Let me know when you want to do it, but I probably won't be able to until the 15th of Feb at the earliest.

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