For Sale (No Longer for sale) South Bay Area: 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Triple locked, Built

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  1. 80 Series
Sunnyvale, California United States
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Testing the waters on potentially selling my 80 Series. I'm not getting out much or driving a lot these days, so I am considering sale. Here is a link to my craigslist ad:

I will repost that same ad here. Thank you everyone.

ad from CL:

Leak free, asking $36,500 or best offer

Please read the entire post before sending me an email. Thank you.

I am finally prepared to let go of my beloved 80-series. If you’re reading this post, then you probably know why it’s so hard for me to part ways with it. This is a particularly clean and well-loved example of an 80. Yes, it has front and rear lockers. Everything works. Just rolled 170k miles yesterday. I am the second owner; the original owner is my good friend and neighbor. Over my ownership, I have personally gone through the entire vehicle to make sure it is as reliable and robust as possible. Here is a list of everything that has been done to it over the past 10k miles (since 02/20):


- New head gasket was installed 500 miles ago (2 weeks ago). Used Genuine Toyota Parts only
- New valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals
- New oil pump and front main seals
- New distributor o-ring
- New DENSO Platinum spark plugs
- New radiator hoses
- New heater hoses (including the Pesky Heater Hose)
- New throttle heater hoses
- New PCV hoses
- New upper and lower intake gaskets
- New fuel injector seals at the intake and fuel rail
- New air intake snorkel
- New throttle cable
- New aluminum radiator (larger capacity than OEM)
- New blue hub fan clutch with heavier fluid
- New auxiliary electric cooling fan from the 100-series
- New VSV valve for emissions control
- New EGR vacuum valve
- New vacuum lines
- New exhaust manifold gaskets
- New exhaust down pipe gaskets
- New exhaust manifold hardware (studs and nuts)
- New engine mounts (2)
- Fresh synthetic oil with a genuine Toyota oil filter (YZZD3)
- Fresh OEM Toyota Super Long Life Coolant


- New Valvoline MAXLife Synthetic ATF
- New WIX transmission fluid filter
- line pressure has been increased, popular modification on the A343F. Makes for firmer shifts, better acceleration, and allows the transmission fluid to run cooler.
- New transmission mount

Transfer case:

- Viscous coupling has been removed
- New synthetic Mobil 1 75W-90
- New vehicle speed sensor o-ring

Drive Shafts:

- New Universal Joints, front and rear (4 in total)
- Fresh grease in all joints

Front Axle:

- Fresh gear oil (Mobil 1 75W-90)
- Fresh molybdenum fortified grease for the birfield (CV) joints
- Fresh Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing grease
- New stub axles (2)
- New front wheel bearings and races (4)
- New BOSCH brake rotors
- New PowerStop brake pads and hardware
- New drive flange and cap
- New stub axle gaskets
- New hub seals
- New drive flange gaskets
- New sway bar bushings

Rear Axle:

- Fresh gear oil (Mobil 1 75W-90)
- Fresh Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing grease
- New wheel bearings and races (4)
- New hub seals
- New axle shaft gaskets
- New BOSCH brake rotors
- New PowerStop Brake pads and hardware
- New sway bar bushings


- New Bilstein 5100 shocks all around (4)
- New Old Man Emu 861 coils in the front
- New Old Man EMu 862 coils in the back
- New Dobinsons Steering Stabilizer


- 5 New Michelin Defender LTX in LT265/75/R16. These a Load Range E, so they are very tough. They have about 9k miles on them now. They perform very well off-road believe it or not. And are super quiet and comfortable on the freeway.


- Dual battery setup. There are two Interstate batteries in parallel right now without an isolator. The second tray is genuine Toyota. Washer bottle has been moved using the Slee relocation kit

- ARB Deluxe Front Winch Bar. Has a Warn VR EVO 10,000lbs winch as well. Two Rigid Industries flood lights mounted there with a switch in the cab.

- 100-series electric cooling fan. Helps a lot when going slow off-road or just in city traffic. Keeps the AC running icy.

- Blue hub fan clutch. Added half a bottle of 20k CST fluid and now it is a very heavy duty fan clutch. Keeps the water temperature low even on super hot days.

- VIAIR onboard air setup. VIAIR 2.5 gallon tank with a 4554 compressor. There is a quick disconnect bolted under the rear bumper for airing up. I will include my air-up kit. Fills the tires very quickly. Compressor stops filling the tank at 100psi then starts back up again when the tank is at 70psi. Again, the switch for it is in the dash. Super seamless setup.

- 4x4Labs rear bumper. Has a tire carrier as well. License plate is mounted to the right swing out and has an LED light to stay legal. Bumper was custom made for me and it was installed 05/20. Has an integrated hitch and I had wired in a trailer wiring connector as well, 4 and 7 pin. 7 Pin is not fully wired as there is no brake controller. Bumper also has 2 D-Rings from Rhino. I have also installed some generic mudflaps for the rear. The exhaust resonator had to be removed for this bumper so I have made a custom exit with a simple bend and nice looking tailpipe. The exhaust is still quiet, I hate loud exhausts. The entire exhaust also has new genuine rubber mounts.

- White Knuckle Off-road rock sliders. These are heavy duty rock sliders with diamond plate on top. Thankfully I never needed to use them but they are there just in case. These also protect the catalytic converters from terrain and theft. These are bolted to the chassis, not welded.

- Genuine Toyota Hand Throttle. Used for keeping engine RPMs constant for winching, better AC, or driving over bumpy terrain.

- Genuine Toyota hood prop rod. Added as a backup for the hood struts. Hood struts are new too.


- New washer fluid diverted valve
- New Rear window louvers
- New WeatherTech floor liners and cargo liner
- Pin 7 mod for the center diff lock
- New Center Differential lock button
- New Hood Struts
- New DENSO front wipers
- New BOSCH rear wiper
- New LED taillight housings
- New LED reverse light bulbs
- New LED front and rear side marker bulbs
- New Sylvania low and high beam bulbs
- New battery cable terminal clamps
- New battery hold down brackets
- New charcoal canister (This is an ACDelco part since the Toyota part is no longer available)
- New engine oil cap
- New fuel cap
- New driver and passenger sun visors
- New driver and passenger seat gears

Alright I think that’s everything, but as you can see I have done a lot of work to it so I might be forgetting a few details. I have receipts for everything.

I just reinstalled the third row and seatbelts. I will add pictures of this soon.

Not all parts were replaced because they had gone bad, but more for peace of mind. As such, I have kept many of the old parts to have handy as spares in an emergency. These will all be included with the sale.

I don’t really need to sell this vehicle and as such I am in no rush to sell it. I am asking $36,500 or best offer. Please DM me your name and phone number along with any questions you have about the vehicle and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Oct 6, 2016
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Wow! Nice rig. Nice to see it in its original used form. Hard to tell if showing it here with a strong price and not paying the BAT commission is a good strategy or if spending a couple hundred on a full detail and paying the BAT commission would have netted you more dollars. Price is probably not out of line with all the mods and maintenance. Could be a $40K+ rig. GLWTS.
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