No clock or radio power

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Apr 18, 2008
I pulled down my sagging sun visor (drivers side) and my radio,clock and interior lights now have no power. I checked the fuses and things appear fine. Does anyone know if these accessories are all on one circuit? Or did I miss a fuse? If I missed a fuse, do you know which one? Mine are not marked. :confused: 1995 fzj 80 stock
Thanks in advance Aj
It's the fuse in the engine bay on the driver's side fender. If it blows after you replace it, I would recommend disconnecting your power antenna first to see if that isolates the problem.
I've got similar symptoms but also my overhead interior lights are out. Actually the lights were out first. I put in new bulbs and they still didn't work. After restarting the truck I noticed that the radio and clock are now DOA. Would this same fuse mentioned above cover the interior lights also?

I am new to Yota's and luckily have had nothing but good luck with it until now. 94 FZJ 80 completely stock. Thanks in advance!

ETA- Disregard, I found what I needed after rewording my search a bit. This site rocks!
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Yep, same fuse

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