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Sep 25, 2004
Houston TX
I saw a nice mustard yellow 77 while driving around today for sale on the side of the road. I calle dthe guy he gave me a little info (owner for 12 years, getting transferred overseas, had to sell). There were about 5 other guys checking it out when I stopped so I told him I wanted to drive it in about 30 minutes. He showed up and I took it for a spin and it rode nice.

FINALLY THE QUESTION...There was no choke pull??? I asked why and he said he put a new Weber carb in (which is true as the gasket looked brand new) and didnt need it. Is this a big issue? A couple other pulls were missing but I figured no big deal I could replace those.

Also a couple other minor issues: window regulators prolly need to be replaced, some minor rust in the bed (original paint, not a lot underneath, no duraback/rhinoliner/diamondplate, rear sill looked fine) but all else looks pretty good. The hood and windshield hooks were white as were the mirrors, is that stock? It did have what appeared to be stock rims as well. Overall very stock almost no rust August 77 cruzr. (only non stock was the carb.) Had the hardtop and bikini top but no rear seats. Stock suspension and uncut fenders.

He is asking 7500 so if I pass and anyone else is interested I will let you know. I am in Houston FYI.

Open to and appreciate any thoughts.


Sorry no pics but I didn't have my camera.
Aug 11, 2005
Sunny South
it has a choke, its just electric, some like them some don't if you don't want the electric choke buy a manual choke conversion kit from NAPA,advanced auto, or pep boys anybody will sell them. its easy to do and cost about 10 bucks if your that worried. ask him if its a 38/38 or 32/36 and go from there. no real value can be justified with out pics so asking that may be out of the question for now.

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