"Newbie" Tail Gate Carpet

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Apr 8, 2007
Bought a 2001 LC today. Looks and runs great. Have had 3 Toyo PU's in the past, but now have the dream rig!
The only problem is that the tail gate carpet is missing. Where could I get a replacement, or better yet does anyone have an idea of something unique to put there? Diamond plating crossed my mind. Anyone have interesting ideas, or someplace that might have the carpet piece.
Any auto carpet shop should be able to cut and edge a matching piece of carpet. Diamond plate could be hard on the knees when you need to crawl into the back and cold when you want to use the tail gate as a bench. I would consider a matching piece of rubber flooring in a diamond plate pattern though.


I would start by sending a PM to cruiserdan here on MUD to price the OEM piece.
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It was posted on the 100scool list not too long ago. I guess you can say I have good short term memory :D
That was a few great options for the tail gate!

What I'ds do different, instead of drilling new holes, would likely be to put in plastic anchors in existing holes. Have not looked, but should be enough clearance for anchors and (short) screws

The OE tailgate carpet can be yours for the low, low price of $387.28 (MSRP)



:lol: :lol: :lol:

Now I know why the previous owner didn't replace it. How would you attatch the rubber flooring? A buddy and I thought about glueing it down, but then we read the tail gate article and realized it might be a bit more indepth than that:doh: . Also the drivers side window control panel in the door is not attatched, it can be lifted out. What would you use to put that back down. I was going to Gorilla Glue it back in place. Or not. :eek:
Don't glue it down, you need access to change light bulbs in the tailgate. Or if you do have to use some type of adhesive, go with something that will pull loose if you need it to like silicone or something similar.

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