Newbie odometer question

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Nov 16, 2005
Hi everyone! I've alwayed loved FJ60's and finally got one! I have a question about odometer rollover. Mine reads 033,xxx. How many miles does it really have? 300+k, 400+k?? I've been reading the posts and it looks like a great community. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

That odometer should run to 999,999 before rolling over. If you are reading 033,xxx then you should have 33,000 miles unless the unit has been replaced.
what he said.. What year? Appearance wise does it look like a 33K car? Probably a failure of the speedo cable early on or a replaced cluster
It is an '87. The body is in pretty good condition but I can't see it having 33k miles. Thanks for the input!
you may be on to something
rove_mcanus said:
maybe it's 1,033,000 miles

That would be cool but it's probably somewhere between 1,033,000 and 33,000 due to a speedo swap or two. Maybe turned back to 0 at some significant point to PO.
Maybe you should run a carfax on it.
i've got carfax for a day more if you want me to run it

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