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Nov 16, 2003
Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
I selected my name out of being the new owner of a 91 FJ80.
I bought it with 162K. Been lurking for a couple of weeks and thought since it looks like the LC is a keeper.
Now i noticed the stock plastic/alum radiator is cracking near the plastic top leaking or oozing out.
I found a new radiator all metal 3-rows for 220. Oh yea, lifetime guarantee. I also looked in the oil & antifreeze for cross contamination overheating, no issues visable including the overflow tank color. I did pull the oil filler cap with the engine idling and the rpm's did drop a little. Surprising... That's good no extra blowby, i guess. Anything else I should look for..? I look forward to being here as i admire anyone who wheels as well, including myself. :D
Seems everyone must be feeling charitable today. Must be the Sunday thing.

OK, I'll take a stab at it. Pokemon is a Japanese cartoon and a LC is built in Japan. Am I close?


Almost forgot the official welcome salute :flipoff2:

'Pokemon' aka 'nomekop -- I'm thinking it's some audascious underground ricer challenge to the local PD . Backwards it's really -- Know me cop ! ... IOW's I've got a rad souped 91 FJ80 cop ; hear me roar ... :p

:flipoff2: :flipoff2:

Dear Mr Poke,

An offical welcome :flipoff2:

Your idle got weird when you removed the oil cap because you created a vacuum leak. I prefer OEM cooling system components and before the peanut gallery starts to squawk it's because they don't just "fit", they MATCH.

3FE powered vehicles are durable, if a bit slow. Some exibit engine oil leaks at the rear oil pan arch and rear main seal. The EFI circuit in some vehicles is subject to functional issues, easily repairable. Other than that, gas 'er up and don't be in a hurry 'cuz it's gonna take a while to get there...... :whoops:

Cheers :beer: and, once again, welcome.

lol... OK, i chose Pokemon for the 91 FJ80, yes as the cartoon from Japan too. And as a 91 LC slow poke... ;)
Thanks for welcomes, too... About the radiator, I just don't think any plastic/alum radiator is as durable off road as a metal one. Otherwise if i wanted plastic/ alum, then oem makes my choice as well. I plan on archery hunting Roosevelt elk while getting there in my cruiser next year. Yes, the 3FE was my choice for a high miler. Relatively easy to work on and cheaper getting into an FJ80... Trust me it wasn't for
Besides, I already have a 78 Bronco tow/ mud drag racer that i built so the 3FE is right at home for me. Oh, yeah....
Did i tell ya' i like solid axles "two" that is.... :cheers:
Thanks again for the welcomes...
My 9 year old son finally doesn't watch Pokemon on TV anymore, nor does he watch the videos. So just when that obnoxious theme song is finally not running through my head anymore...IT'S BACK AGAIN.

If somebody joins the forum and picks It's A Small World After All as a name - I'm outta here.

My 11 year old has given up Pokemon cards, and finally outgrown U-gee-oh (sp?) cards.

I'll make you a really good deal on the card collections. List approx $11,000. Smart shoppers can get them for a *lot* less.

How about a mint Snorlox card to go with that 'Cruiser? :D


It's about time you got (literally)

That snorlox card doesn't much interest me, anymore than trying to get more hp out of a 3FE... It is what is... But at least i could look at the card while accelerating.... :p
Anyone here, wheel in the PNW.
the PNW is a pretty big place I am in bellingham (recent transplant) and work in Sedro Woolley, (no inbreeding jokes) shoot me a pm if you are close. I have been talking with the RCLC guys and was on a trail work crew in Walker Valley last weekend with the Northern toys group. all good people not sure wich one I like better.
You shine the knob dude for bringing up those 4 fricking weiners. My son watches that frickin thing everydarnday. :eek: :flipoff2:

Sedro Woolley is very cool, pass through there on the way to Mt Baker every year. Noticed a sign out at the high school the other year that said Kiss (I think it was them, some band from that time period) was playing there. Just shook my head and moved on. :-\

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