Newbie - bought my first pig.

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Jan 21, 2010
Dallas, TX
I bought my first pig from a guy in Arizona. It has been converted to automatic with a ford engine and power steering. Very lite rust that I can see, has some dents and dings and needs work on the interior. Don't have many pics yet.

I think I made a good choice but would like to know if anyone knows about it's previous life?

I'm new to this and will probably have alot of questions coming up.
73 fj55.jpg
my int3.JPG
That looks really solid inside and out. Looks like an easy fix compared to the other ones out there. Good luck!! What are your plans for her?

I plan to use her for a daily driver. New interior, paint, A/C, etc. I have been reading many post on here and have found several great ideas. I just need the time, money and occasional help.
If you do it yourself and are smart about it, you can get it really sweet for cheap. I cut new door panels with thin plywood and wrapped them with pleather and it cst me about $100 total. Paint is really cheap if you do it alone. Bet you can get that rig sweet for under $1K
It's not every day you see a pig with a ford it a V8?
New piggy

Congrats on the new piggy! She looks solid, real solid. And unique, too- red wheels and black hubcaps, never seen that before but it looks good on the 55. Ford engine and automatic? had a 40 so equipped run through here years ago but never saw that combo in a 55. if it works well it will be fine for you. Good luck with the old girl! Gary S

Congrats on the pig John! Looks like a solid truck! I'll have to come and see it for myself! Are you stll in Dallas? I sold mine to Eric (DOC) here on mud a couple months ago. Pigless for now, but the pig is with a great guy! Congrats again!
Welcome to the stye :cheers: Looks like a very nice piggie. I currently have a Ford (5.0) powered 40, but it mates up to the stock 4 speed. I like it very much and now that I've got the cooling issue beat down, I think that sucka gets close to 20 mpg :eek: rollin 35s :eek: :eek: :pig:

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