Newbe fj60 owner

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Nov 30, 2005
Seattle WA
Oct 85 build date. Bronze color? Basically no boby rust. This is the fifth one I looked at and by far the best shape all around. So I brought her home. She flunked emisions of course. CO at idle 1.7 with the max 1.2. All of the other numbers are low? All five are leakers. Basically it has been shop tuned or lube house for oil changes. History fome the begging He was the second owner. 5/05 mechanic recommended replacing the pan gasket and possible front and rear main seals. It also has an exhaust manifold leak "sounds like anyway" Wife said I need to remdole the bath room before she goes on jac stands.
I'll be searching the site hisrory.

Happy new 60 owner. I have wanted one for years.

Cool! Sorry you have to deal with emissions. That stuff has to suck!

Post some pics of the beauty!!!!
Welcome. Lots of 60's in Seattle...

Leaks from front and rear mains + pan gasketa are common. Check oil level often.

Failing emissions is also common. Get the FSM (Field Service Manual) + the Emissions manual. It'll give you something to read while "working" on the bathroom remodel.
One more thing...I had a leaking exhaust manifold on mine. Just did the cheap/simple thing and re-torqued the nuts. Seemed to work.

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