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Jan 4, 2004
Houston, TX
looking to get an 03/04 100, and wondering if there was a thread on options that are vital/nice to have/if you like throwing money away. Thanks

I would go for a 04 for the back up camera.

I believe memory drivers seat started in 03.

AHC is a personal preference thing.

no, no memory seats in our '03, I would like that, though.
Back up aftermarket camera can be added easily, starting at $100. Not the nice OEM full screen though. But maybe good enough?
I have read enough about AHC issues to be concerned about having it.

Unfortunately, most 100s you'll find in the US have all or just about all the options available at the time already in there. One worry of some is the NavSys having all the A/C and audio built in and therefore a big costly issue if it ever fails.
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I'm pretty sure only the LXs had memory seats. My 07

LC does not.
Well, my 05 doesn't have memory seat either. I belive bluetooth also started in 04.

OP-check out - Toyota SUV Off-Road Outfitters, he has a good list of all the changes to each year model 100.

I have a love/hate with the bluetooth for the telephone. By the way FATrabbit I am not out of town, that message is for work :D

When you hang up the telephone in my 04 with bluetooth, the audio goes mute. So you have to shut the vehicle off to get music again. I hate that. Whenever I need my hands free and am expecting an important call I will enable Bluetooth. If not, I turn it off so I can listen to music without problems. On a $70K vehicle, that shouldn't happen, but oh well.
Side curtain air bags, Nav. I consider the VSC a great feature after rolling my 97 FJ80. I think it became standard in 00 or 01. If you live in snow country it is a must have.
My 04 is for sale in Colorado. email to for info.
Bluetooth and backup camera on the '04. But either year is great.

We don't have the audio muting problem with the Bluetooth phone system in our '04.

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