New yellow Optimas for $50

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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Hey forgot to post this up Thursady. Battery died in the 80. SO I went up the street to the new location to Interstate Batteries (Across from Sonic in Mauldin). While I was there I saw they had 3 group 51 yellow top optimas. They are brand new. They are blems. Basically they have a scratch or a misscast in the outside plastic. They are smaller than a normal battery as they fit hondas and such. But damn 50 dollars is a hell of a deal. If you were wanting to add a second battery or even a primary battery this is a hell of a deal as they sell for $150.

Oh and Steve they need the Tax ID to finish setting up our account.
Damn, and I need a new Optima for the 40....yellowtop is great for winching, don't do too much of that though :D.
I bought a red top for mine friday @ the interstate store in waynesville, nc for $50.00..blem.. great deal.
I need a new battery in the pickup. Is this something I could call about or is that not a good idea?(Or do thy even still get blems?) I am headed to Greenville on Saturday. PM if needed or if you could possibly help me out. Thanks!!
Let me know what you find out, too. Went to start the 60 on Tuesday morning, and got nothing. Jumped off OK and works ok most of the time, but I have noticed that the starter has been turning slower.
Will do, plan on making some calls today, unless someone tells me otherwise. As long as I get a good quality battery for $40 I honestly dont care if its an Optima or not. Open to suggestions though as the truck will be getting the 9K Warn that I have in the garage.
Is it?

Interstate Batteries Of Upstate South Carolina
431 W. Butler Road
Mauldin, SC 29662
(864) 277-9466
Just got off the phone with Marshall and Upstate Interstate. They still have the small yellow tops and also have 2 red tops. They are now $75 + 15 core. I bought 1 of the last 2 so 1 left. Guy recommended the ret top as it has more reserve power 90 compared to 60.) I cant complain, a red top for the price that a normal battery would cost me.

I did mention UC he said no other discounts on the blems. I paid via CC over the phone. Thanks again UC!
Thanks again Marshall! Put the red top in and the truck fired right up. Did have to do a little rigging to make sure that the braket would fit and hold the battery. 2 2x4's and some screws did it just right. ;)

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