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Feb 12, 2020
Houston, TX
We are back! (sort of). Sorry for the delay in response - we have been without power since Monday 5am and no running water - my focus has been on the 5 kids in our house when the power did come back on for a few hours.

Apologies to all those who have no heard back from me via email etc.

I will be sending out balance invoices today (as far as I can get before we get cut off again) and once done I will work through the emails and requests that have come in over the weekend who I have not yet responded to.

Build update: we are on course for completing everything by March 5th, in time for loading on the March 15th vessel arriving Houston April 15-18 (reminder - boat timings can occur - current 1st US port of call is Houston, that may change to Louisiana without notice, adding several days to the ETA)

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