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Mar 3, 2021
El Salvador
Hello Everyone,

I just purchased my first FJ 40. It’s a 1978 that I picked up here in El Salvador and I plan on bringing it back with me to the states in a couple years. I am looking forward to working on it and I am glad this site exist as I am sure there is lots to learn. I will appreciate any advice.

This vehicle is mostly a survivor. Mostly original minus a few small things, and it does not have power brakes, no power steering, no AC etc.. From a value perspective will updating any of these items affect the market value and at what cost. I am sure it’s a often posed question with varying opinions.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing everyone’s rides.



Mar 16, 2010
Rossland BC
either way, remove that snorkel, they are ridiculous.

the real ‘snorkel’ in central or South America is the guy who strips down to his gauch and crosses the river/creek/etc with a long stick to see how deep it is.
Then the waiting game starts....

While waiting; Hoods gets secured up to windscreen, air intake upper housing wired (coat hanger or twine) high up on hood, air filter tossed into pass seat lap...

eventually the smaller trucks giver and the collectivos/buses follow...

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