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Jan 18, 2008
Boise, ID
So, my wife did something I never thought she would ever do... she conspired, along with another man, to modify my truck without me finding out. Yep, she researched, organized, and purchased new sliders for me as a birthday present!

I had to take a trip to Germany for business and they arrived at my doorstep while I was away. Vic with VORFAB, a fabrication company local to Mountain Home, Idaho, created these.

The welds on these turned out nice:

My wife stated several times that Vic was very great to work with and that he helped her out tremendously. Vic's customer service was top-notch! Although I did not receive them on my birthday, she did tell me that they were on their way, which got me totally excited! The only problem was that I had no idea as to how they were going to look.

Vic had made a pair previously for ginericLC and my wife "hacked" my Facebook account to get in touch with Eric, who was so very gracious about taking his 100 over to VORFAB so Vic could get measurements before starting the build. She also picked to have them powder coated, which although they are beautiful right now, I told her that the coating may not last very long given their purpose, but in no way was I about to complain with her selection!

To start this modification, I had to remove my OEM steps, which I had left on since our purchase back in 2003.
My oldest daughter wanted to help and ended up taking the driver's side step completely off by herself!

She is such an awesome person! At almost 13, she can do almost anything!

This is how the Cruiser looked without the steps, but before the sliders arrived:

To make room for getting my fat self more easily under the side of the truck where I was working, I used my ramps to raise the one side, being sure to chock my opposite side wheels. This made access much more comfortable.

On the passenger side, I then removed the vibration dampener from the frame.

Before I got too involved with the install, I had to remove the front "rock deflector" (big plastic sheet attached on the bottom of the truck).

I had to loosen the clamps holding the brake hard lines to make sure and not clamp over them, but to reroute these over the custom made U-bolts that came with the sliders. Speaking of the bolts, because the frame has welds the length of the frame, I had to spring the bolts out a little to get them to slide over the frame. To do this, I used my large bench mounted vice to push them out just enough to clear the welds.

These bolts are made from Grade 8 round stock and cut to fit a fine thread nut.

I used my 19mm socket, 1/2 inch driver, and my 19mm boxed-in wrench to tighten the nuts on. Of course, the hardware also included large flat washers and spit washers. I also used a bit of anti-seize compound on the threads to keep corrosion down to a minimum.

Ok, so here are a few photos of the end product!

Passenger side:

Driver's side:

Overall, even though I did not get the chance to give any input as to the design, I am very pleased with the outcome. They are nice and beefy and look to serve me well. If you are in the Boise, Idaho area, I would recommend getting into contact with Vic at VORFAB. He can do some awesome things! Next will be bumpers!

One last note to the install, because the front U-bolts lined up just behind the mounting holes for the farthest to the rear bolt holes for my rock deflector (not going to call that thing a skid plate!), I trimmed off the "ears" (top pieces that stick out from the body of the deflector - see pic above) with my Dremmel using a cut off disk (or several) and then grinding the plastic smooth. I forgot to take a picture of this mod, but if you need one I can drop it and snap a pic, updating this post.

I do have one other thing to say about this: Although I am not much of a mechanic, this install was fairly easy and only ran into one rough spot. This was the installation of the bolt on the driver's side farthest to the rear. This is due to the limited room caused by the gas tank and dealing with the brake lines in that spot. I did remove one brake line bracket in order to allow the center bolt to mount up. I just cut off the tab holding it onto the frame, leaving the bracket in place and bent the lines out to allow room for the U-bolt to lay directly against the side of the frame. No kinks, no worries.

Hope you guys enjoy the read, as I will be enjoying the sliders!
They look great!!
Thanks nakman! I am talking with him regarding bumpers, but I want to modify the design a little bit to make sure that we don't necessarily look like twins when out on runs! I am thinking very similar, but with slightly different bar work. Overall, Vic's products are awesome!

awesome bday gift! The wifey has taste, too. They look great.
Thats Awesome!
Thanks guys! I do appreciate all of the positive comments! My wife rocks! BTW, she also drives! She enjoys the Cruisers almost as much as I do!
Ok, so now I have a technical question regarding my sliders:

On my way from work, I noticed that when accelerating from a stop or decelerating to a stop I get a slight shudder that I can feel in the driver's floorboard. Now, this was not there before I mounted the sliders this weekend and it happens when I both accelerate and decelerate, so that tells me it is not the brakes. Upon closer inspection, it looks like my sliders touch the body at one of the three mount points on both sides. Would this cause the slight shudder (vibration) I am feeling? Should there be a gap at the full length of the slider?


I will need to elongate the holes to do that. I'll give Vic a call tomorrow to see what he will recommend. Thanks for the input.
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Sounds like a good idea. I thought I had a cat shield loose under my drivers side but everything was tight. I tracked it down to my sleep slider mounting plate up against the body in that area. Could always be something else too. But if you see contact I would check it...
I will need to elongate the holes to do that. I'll give Vic a call tomorrow to see what he will recommend. Thanks for the input.
Jonathan...your :princess: and daughter are definitely keepers;).

Fab work looks good, your use of the vise is ingenious.

I'm west of Kuna a bit near International VORFAB in the BOI phone book??


Yeah, I have contact. I was looking to see if there was anyway to move it down just a bit, but I am at the end of the slot. I have an email out to Vic to get his opinion. I am also wondering if I loosen up all of the mounts, if I could raise the opposite site a 16th to get that much clearance from the body on the opposite end. Not sure, but it may be worth a try.

Thank you for the kind comments! My daughter is awesome! She is beautiful, shoots a compound bow (wish she would stop splitting arrows!), an artist, loves to 4-wheel, is very smart, and is an all around great person! She will give me fits one day, when she learns that boys aren't just nasty neanderthals. :rolleyes:

VORFAB's phone number has changed since it was last published. You can reach them at 208-590-4618 or at Give them a call! Vic is great to work with! BTW, I live close to the Overland and Cloverdale intersection. If you want, drop me a PM sometime and I would be happy to show you the sliders personally, plus then we can do some wheeling out in the Owyhees!

Oh, and that idea of using the vice was ingenious. My 17 year old son suggested it to me. I am now thinking that I am not that smart, but my kids are! ;)

For anyone outside of the Boise area, Vorfab does not ship, so ordering from him may be hard, if you cannot pick up the end product.
Jonathan, thx again. PM inbound

As a follow up to my last post, last night after getting home from work, I crawled under the truck to see if I could adjust my sliders down a bit. I found that I was indeed rubbing on both sides, with the passenger side having contact at all three mount points. After loosening up the nuts the slider dropped about 1/4 inch which allowed my to tighten it back up and maintain a gap between the body and the slider. On the driver's side, I had to give it a tug, but it dropped about an 1/8th of an inch. Overall, the gap after tightening back the nuts is about 1/16th on both sides and my popping / rubbing sound is gone.

I am a little concerned that it may come back when in a flexed position off road. Vic at Vorfab stated that he would make me some shims if I needed them and that he wanted to be sure and "make it right". This response was greatly appreciated. I am hoping to get the truck out this coming weekend and see if I get any rubbing off road. I will post up any details I see later.

Thanks again for all of the kind responses. This is my first "real" modification to the truck and I have learned a bunch from it!

This last Saturday, we took the trucks out to the mountains in western Idaho to see if a favorite camping spot was still snowed in or passable. Even though we did not get into any real tight situations, the sliders never rubbed the body going over the rocks and through the mud!

Overall, I am very happy with my wife's purchase!

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