New shoes! Help me decide!

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Nov 24, 2014
Ok I have a 2.5OME going on next for tires

Can't decide between
285/75-16 cooper ST MAXX (have had this tire on another truck and loved them

Or 295's in the toyo or nitto

If cooper made the ST Maxx in 295's it would make my life a lot easier
I like the Toyo's. I looked at both before buying. Toyos seemed a little better on paper and lots of good reviews, plus the mileage claim.
Post pics when you get it done. Im also thinking about the ome 2.5 and going with 295/75/16 toyo at2. I have toyo m/t on my 80 and I love it, but I think Im going with a less aggressive a/t on my 100.
nitto grapplers look great but i think my cooper zeons lasted longer and looked good. both have tread all the way out to the sidewalls. i hope to try toyo also soon. general grabber at may be an option which are usually cheaper and i trust them.
I have been very happy with my Toyo at2 extreme!
295 toyos
The Dick Cepek Mud Country is a true mud tire, if you want a hybrid tire their Fun Country II is a great tire. I am currently running the FCII and couldn't be happier. When my tires wear out on my truck I am going to go with the Mud Country.
I've also been researching new shoes and tire seems a good resource.

The fun country II are very highly rated, but so are the one I'm leaning towards (Nitto Trail Grapplers-had them previously and was happy with the performance.)

Depends on what type of terrain you will be on. I found my Nittos were good everywhere except slick rock out in Moab, where they didn't seem to "hook up" all that well.

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