New set of injectors for 1hz - any tips?

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
My 80's original 1hz is approaching 700 k km's. I had the injectors (and injector pump) done 11 years ago at around 510 k km's. I have a brand new set of injectors, a set of the injector seats, and a spare fuel return rail, and was considering fitting all that and taking out the existing set of injectors while I'm on leave from work.

I don't have any time or money to get the injector pump replaced. it does not leak btw. I've never touched the pump timing since the diesel shop did the work.

As it's an indirect injection motor, and I can't afford to get a replacement head, the pre-combustion chambers have to be left as-is. Is there any way to determine their condition (ie. not cracked) without removing the head?

When the new set of injector is fitted, presuming everything is kept clean and done to factory spec, it should be a simple case of double-check the work, re-connect the return hose to the return pipe, maybe hand-prime a bit, then try to start the motor?

I did the timing belt/tensioner and water pump myself at 600 k km's so intend to do that again at 700 k km's if I don't get $$$ to get a replacement motor (used import 1hdt or 1hdft, or a new crate 1hz) this year.

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