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Dec 9, 2021
Boston Ma
My truck came with steel wagon wheels...which I hated. I then bought oem steelies with hubcaps,I absolutley loved the look and the ride of the Kenda tires I bought, but I didn't like how skinny the rims are. (Thanks @sawdustmkr for taking the steelies, they look great on your truck!)
I was going to get the steelies widened but I could't get any of the few remaining people who do it to call back....
I decided on wheel Vintiques smoothies, I waited almost a year....the last time I called they said "maybe November or January" so I cancelled....

I came across these 16" OLD SCHOOL SATIN BLACK WHEELS RIM FITS FOR LAND CRUISER LC80 95 SET OF 5 | eBay - 16x8, 4" BS
I was (am?) skeptical, but other makes and models in other forums seem happy with them
Their initial listing was for 4. I asked for 5 and they made a listing for me, which is still active (posted above)
I was put off by the 5 "cutouts" in both the rim and hubcap instead of 6, but they actually showed up with the correct 6!!
Pros: lightweight aluminum, good looking rim
Cons: semi cheap looking hub cap, these are 4" bs , I had to run a 1/2" spacer on the front to make them fit

overall longevity and durability remains to be seen.

overall the ride is very good, the shop had some trouble balancing them, but that is most likely a tire issue and not a rim issue
lead time was less than a month from order to delivery, which is great in our current market!

I think I'm going to try to outfit them with factory caps





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