New Pig in the Barn

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Aug 26, 2004
Edmond, OK
Hey everyone,

Just let you know I finally got a pig. I've looked on and off for a little while and found one that is pretty solid. It's a 71 that is fairly stock and complete. It has a few rust areas but the floors and frame are in really good condition. It seems to have most everything except a few odd and ends. One thing is the doors need work (sag and don't latch very well) and the rear window doesn't work (imagine that). It has a correct F for the year and is supposed to be original but I haven't checked on that yet. It needs a complete brake overhaul and that is what I am currently working on. The 3 on the tree was converted to the floor but was done pretty well. The plans are to tinker with it and drive it when I have time. I attached a couple of pictures to keep you all off my back but I'll post more sometime down the road.

Way to go Bird dog!! Looks pretty solid (nice tailgate too). Doors from what I can see look like they close good. We look forward to seeing more pics when you get the time:cheers:Dave

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