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Jan 9, 2011
Flagstaff, AZ
First, I'm glad nobody was seriously injured. Second, authorities suggest it was a brand new 200; if so, what a damn shame.

SUV rolls 20-plus times down Mingus Mountain; passengers escape serious injury​

A Jerome police pickup and ATV took three hours to travel the 16 miles of the narrow and unstable sections of Forest Road 413 to reach the couple who overturned their SUV near Jerome. Jason Supple courtesy photo

By Vyto Starinskas
Originally Published: January 13, 2021 9:17 a.m.

JEROME - A couple was able to walk away with minor injuries after rolling their 2020 SUV about 20 times down a cliff in a remote part of Mingus Mountain Sunday afternoon, according to Police Chief Allen Muma.

A Jerome police pickup and ATV took three hours to travel the 16 miles of narrow and unstable sections of Forest Road 413, which winds from the top of Mingus Mountain to Jerome, Muma said,

The caravan had to travel about 5 mph and contained firefighters and EMTs, he said.

Muma believed the vehicle was a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser, but he could not tell for sure because it dark when they reached the couple, and the vehicle was down a hill entangled in brush.

“It was a brand new vehicle, husband and wife. It rolled 20 times at least,” Muma said.

He could only get a glimpse of the white reflection of the vehicle with his flashlight.

The couple, in their 60s, was standing in the middle of the road and had lit a fire when rescuers arrived.
“They had self-extricated,” the chief said. “They were thankful to be here.”

They went to the hospital, but considering what happened to them, their injuries were minor, he said.

Because it was a new vehicle, all the air-bags must have deployed and acted like a cocoon to protect them, Muma said. Otherwise, they would have had to perform a difficult rope rescue in the dark, he added.

Jerome fire crews were responding from the Jerome side with more equipment and a Yavapai County Sheriff Office SUV came in the same way as Jerome Fire.

“They were just running the trail,” Muma said when asked what the couple was doing on the road.
Muma said he would not recommend the road, which has extreme drop-offs for vehicles.

He said he also does not recommend the road for ATVs, even though it’s passable. If something happens, it’s very difficult for rescue crews to respond out there, the chief pointed out.

The crews spent eight hours on the rescue Sunday, Muma said, and returned at 11:30 p.m. But not until the Jerome police pickup blew a rear tire on the forest road that the chief has nicknamed the “tire eater.”


Sep 4, 2014
Couple of useful notes published in Yavapai Co. Sheriff's Office media release (January 12, 2021):
Note – In both the incidents shared today, electronic location services provided a critical lifeline to connect those stranded and injured with YCSO rescue teams and medical personnel. Cell phones, even if available, would likely be useless due to a lack of cell service in these remote locations. As we have recommended several times in the past, a personal locator beacon (PLB) may be a lifesaver when you are in remote locations such as described in these cases. See for details on emergency beacons and how they work.

Additionally, carrying potential lifesaving supplies on a REGULAR basis in your vehicle is highly recommended. Items include, dry food and snacks, water, matches, blankets, extra clothing, first aid kit, light, knife and a whistle. And it is very important to let someone know your off-road travel plans including location timeline and expected return date. If you are using a PLB, many of these devices offer the option of tracking and communication to a family member or friend while you are out in remote areas.

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