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Mar 28, 2003
Nashville, Tennessee
Glad to switch over to this board from the "landcruiser forum" board. Someone pulled the plug.


1996 FZJ-80 125k
1988 FJ-62 157k
Yep, me too. One by one, the old SOR forum crowd are turning up. Looking forward to a lot more useful information and entertainment ;)
Most of the regulars are already here, and I bet by the end of the weekend almost everyone will be here. I hope after they close the forum at sor they will continue to have a page leading people to ih8mud for at least a little while.
I made it, with no name change! Good to see y'all

Also, thanks Gumby and IH8MUD for hosting this,,we appreciate it!
I walked into the light and now I'm born again...! Praise Ih8mud!! :)

Just checking to see if I made it okay. Looks like I may spend some time printing some info from SOR this weekend in case they can't archive here!

Looks like you can attach photos directly here without hosting on a website, that's cool! :)
Several of you have figured out how to post a little picture over on the left under your ID.

I may need some help with that but right now I'm waiting on my thong from Eric. :D


It's in your profile under Personalized Picture. You can add one they have provide or add your own via link.
<- Survivor of the SOR Transfer.
God NO Beo! &nbsp:Don't subject our new friends to a pic of you and Eric's thong just yet. :D
Look, it's not B, but must be a relative :eek: :D

Sorry B - will delete it in a few hours. :D
Leave it up. That's funny and he'll get a kick out of it.
I made it, with no name change!  Good to see y'all

Also, thanks Gumby and IH8MUD for hosting this,,we appreciate it!

I'm just here moving wrong posts and waiting for Junk to go off on somebody so I can ban him. :D, kidding
Woody owns the list and gets ALL the credit
I make the above post and then scroll down a couple more messages and what do I see?
Junk, I think we're gonna have to post further pics of yo' momma on the reader's rides page. :D

Sorry, Mike I couldn't resist.
Good to see you again Junk!
Gumby, Photo,

WELL! I never..... :eek: :D :D :D :D

Yeah, Todd, you know how fast I work :). Momma been eating a few too many heaps for bfast lunch and dinner. :D

Photo - you wait. Someday I will actually learn photoshop since I've had every single version since 4.0 on my pc and can't get past auto/image/change levels ??? :-[ :D I'll get ya though - hopefully won't get me banned though. :D :D

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