new hj61 with strange back seat

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Sep 20, 2004
Vancouver Island, BC
I finally got a cruiser! HJ61 with full load, cable lockers, PTo winch etc. I was going overr it last night and came across a wierd back seat mounting.

Instead of folding forward its mounted on a scissor lift to lift up and fold flat. Although I would not trust the catch to keep me up there! it looks rather wimpy. I will get a picture tonight if possible. Must have been part of a camping kit.

Do most hj61's have 3 seat belts in the back? Mine on has 2
should have 3 they attach different than a 60 but a 60 belt will work,the rear seats do not fold out flat like a 60 either when folded down they sit higher than the rear floor both mine have custom elevated decks that allow you to sleep in the back.
Need some pics of what you are asking about.

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