new fix to EFI main problem ??

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Apr 14, 2007
I don't know if this is a long term fix yet but heres what I found.
I found a standard heavy duty 4 pin aftermarket light relay I checked the scematics on the side of the relay and they seemed to match, so I took a chance for $6 vs.buying another $13 EFI main.
When I got home , I put the relay in and it even fits in only one way like the oem and the Cruiser started right up.
The relay is a 30 amp Vs. the OEM 22 amp and this one is in a plastic caseing rather then the metal. I will drive around and see if holds up and post a update,
the part number is pl-ry1 brand is Pilot
I drove the Cruiser to work , about 32 miles one way and it restarted no problem, even in rush hour traffic and the heat it started right up when I got home.I think the $6 relay may be a cheap fix. I drove about a block away yesterday before putting in the relay and it would not start untill I switched in a new relay.
I havent changed the small power wire yet.
Not to rain on your parade, but I don't think this new relay is the answer... AFAIK, the small power wire is the culprit here and causes the relay to overheat. Switching in any new SPST relay does the same thing, regardless of amperage ratings.

My 80 has been running with a previously declared "bad" relay from the PO for several months now. I keep a spare, just in case this one overheats. All you need to do is let the relay cool down, then it's usable again. :meh:

However, I'm open to new ideas. Where did you get this relay?
I know the wire is causeing the relay to overheat, and I reuse the same 2 metal relays that have been overheating for months. I just had a idea that a higher amp relay may help it from overheating.I have noticed that once the relay cools off it will run ok fora couple days or so then it gets hot and the truck wont start.
Just to make sure I am replaceing the right wire, it is the power wire from the EFI fuse to the EFI relay ?

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