1. L

    Fj73 3f carby not running right

    Hi I have a 1985 fj73 landcrusier which up until now has been running fine. Went down the highway and exited and pulled up to a set of lights and noticed straight 6 was idling like a lumpy v8 with a bit of smoke coming out the back but one i make it to 2nd gear its fine. Anyone have a clue what...
  2. T

    Can’t figure out why my 3F won’t run!

    Okay guys I have a 3F petrol in a fj73 landcruiser and I haven’t been able to figure out the issue. It just won’t run and coughs and spurts as soon as you use the accelerator. It’s had new leads, new plugs, new carbi, new dizzi, new coil. And just can’t seem to figure it out. All the local...
  3. samreilly

    1hz a440f conversion

    Hey guys I’m the process of engine swapping my fj73 to a 1hz-t and I know I have to shorten and length the shafts in the gear box but not sure the exact amount I’ve read on another page that it was 100mm both ways any help would be appreciated and any other bits and pieces of info needed would...
  4. Talon Patt

    Muffler for 1985 FJ73 3F

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding a muffler for my 1985 FJ73 with a 3F engine in it. Recently a hole appeared in the factory muffler. I have been wanting to upgrade to a new muffler to give it a nastier sound. I have been looking at a Flowmaster series 44 muffler, similar to one...
  5. samreilly

    1hz in fj73

    Alright so I’ve decided I’m putting in the 1hz turbo and getting rid of my 3f petrol but I want to keep the a440f transmission I’ve read a few people have done it but none have elaborated on how, so as much information as possible would be appreciated cheers
  6. samreilly

    Fj73 fuel economy

    Hey guys I’ve got a fj73 with 3f and a440 running on petrol and gas and fuel economy is just killing me it’s roughly running 30L/100 on gas and 20L/100 on petrol Has anyone been able to reduce this at all and what are my options to fix this engine or to try and swap the engine possibly just...
  7. samreilly

    New bullbar fj73

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can give me a hand I’ve had a look through some forums but haven’t been able to find an exact answer but I was wondering if the fitment for bullbars is the same for all the early 70 series cruisers because I’m wanting to upgrade my bullbar from this to something...
  8. F

    Bonnet Hinge recess rain leak. 1985 FJ73

    Hey guys, Have had a rainwater leak into the passenger side footwell for quite a while. Gets pretty wet. Have done some hosing and have narrowed it down a bit. Most of the water comes straight through the bonnet Hinge. I have put a hose straight down the bonnet Hinge recess and it's a direct...
  9. R

    FJ73 Windscreen rust - Seeking Advice

    Hi all, Looking to purchase an FJ73. The car appears to be great for the age and reasonably rust free. I have a fibreglass windscreen replacement panel ready to go in however underneath seems to be a bit questionable.. Please share your thoughts/ repair cost estimates / Ideas to get around...
  10. T

    302 Cleveland into a fj73 3F 5 speed landcruiser.

    I’ve got a rebuilt 302 Cleveland and I want to put it into my 1985 fj73 landcruiser. It already had a 3f engine with a standard 5 speed. Does anyone know of a kit or has anyone done this before?
  11. T

    Putting a hemi 6 or other 6 cylinder engine in a Fj73 cruiser?

    Hello everyone! I’m new to this stuff so here we go! I got a fj73 1988 SWB land cruiser and the 3f petrol in it is on its way out. I’ve been looking at what’s the best and easiest way to get some power back into the old girl. What’s some easy engine swaps or ideas people have got or have done? I...
  12. david lacle

    Restoring a fj73 1985

    Restoring a fj73 and fitting a 6bta cummins engine in it
  13. B

    Builds  LS1 5.7L BJ73 6 MONTH BUILD

    Hello Guys, new to the forum and thought would be a great place to get some feed back and ideas about the build. CURRENT VEHICLE: 1985 BJ73 LANDCRUISER CURRENT MODS: LS1 5.7L ENGINE CONVERSION CONVERSION DONE USING MARKS 4WD ADAPTORS 2" BODY LIFT 2" SUSPENSION LIFT 33" MUD TIRES ARB BUILT IN...
  14. Michael73

    FJ73 Purchase in Dallas : Legal Import from Columbia - Manual to Automatic Transmission Conversion?

    Great to be here on! Is there a quality conversion kit available in the US market for a 1988 FJ73? If so, please recommend the kit's manufacturer and any experience or lessons learned from performing such a conversion. Thanks in advance for your replies from Dallas, Michael73
  15. F

    1985 FJ73 Bogging down at 2000rpm

    Hey guys, new to IH8MUD. Racking my brain trying to figure this one out. Runs fine however when accelerating at around 2000rpm feels like bogging down/spitting/sputtering. I've changed all spark plugs, inspected leads, new fuel pump, just today did a carby rebuild. At each of these stages ive...
  16. david lacle

    Fj73 need some tips for lift my truck

    Want to put some 35 inch on it Im running 33 inch right now
  17. Guu

    1985 FJ73

    Hello I’m Steve and this is my FJ73, I bought it last year and it is my first 4x4. Since I have owned it I’ve had to replace the fuel tank due to rust, I had one made by Brown Davis and it’s a nice bit of kit. Increased capacity to 120ltr. Will grab a photo soon. And also I’ve replaced the water...
  18. Y

    Wanted  Looking for a Head for a 3F engine

    I need a head for a 3F engine. Would love to know if anyone has one state side.
  19. david lacle

    Does a RHD tierod fit a LHD FJ73 cant find a LHD tierod online

    Trying to buy some new tierod for my fj73
  20. LSDbrand

    Engine bogs under full throttle

    Hello eveyone. I have been reading a lot in IH8MUD and it has been very helpful on my truck. I actually have a Toyota FJZ73 but the engine is exactly the same as on the injection FJZ80 so I think I will get more replies on this forum. just to start the car is Toyota 1998 FJZ73 Engine 1FZ-FE...
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