New alternator for 24v 3B

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Apr 19, 2015
I didn't have any luck finding an alternator shop to rebuild the 24v alternator for my BJ42.

So now I am considering updating to an Isuzu replacement. It is 24v and has a vacuum pump for a reasonable price. Of course it will take some effort to make it work.

The Isuzu alternator has a smaller foot spacing. I could hack up the stock mount but I'm not ready for that. So I've started designing a new mount.

My model:

I am going to 3D print a plastic version (already working on a beefier version) and once I have fitment worked out I will hand it over to a welder/machinist friend.

Electrical: No idea what I need to do here.....

New alternator has a built in regulator, so do I just bypass the external regulator? It does put out 60amps instead of stock 20-25amps.
I made the same bracket for mine to fit the NPR alternator. Mine was a bit crude but works. I didn't touch the external regulator but used a wire or two from the factory harness and added a few. It's been awhile so its not fresh on the brain.

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