New 100 Series owner - The journey begins for my '07 LX470 - Car build

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Dec 29, 2022
Long Island
I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum as I have been lurking here for weeks during my research and I finally got myself a 100 series a few days ago after many weeks of hunting :) I will also use this thread to track the car build. My wife just gave birth to my 2nd child in November and I sold my Focus ST back in 2020 during the height of the pandemic since we didn't need two cars, but now we do. I wanted a super reliable vehicle that will last a long time and plan to do some road trips in 2023+ , no plans of offroading but winter driving in NY can be rough and I want the best.

With that said, I am officially the newish owner to a 2007 LX 470 , the car was a NY car so it has surface rust as expected, but no frame damage. So many cars here are spray painted to hide the rust which worries me even more so, so I am glad I found a car I can work with. The car is crystal white with 163k on it, it has some maintenance records and I can visually see that a good amount of maintenance was done with the vehicle during my initial inspection of the car. I brought techstream when I checked out the vehicle and checked to see 0 codes in all systems and things looked good.

What's good with the vehicle:
  • 163k vehicle ;) Good for another 300k
  • Brakes and rotors done at 161k
  • Upper control arms done at 161k
  • Some bushings replaced at 161k (need to determine which ones)
  • Tranny/Transfer case/Oil done at 161k
  • Radiator replaced at 161k (not sure if OEM)
  • Part of exhaust done between 100-161k
  • AHC works amazing and I tested the gradients and it was like 12 or so (first car i saw that had working AHC, which I love)
  • Leather seats are in amazing condition for this year, driver side has one small hole and a light tear on bolster
  • Great tread on the all season tires

What's bad with the vehicle ( a lot of little things to be expected with 15yr old car):
  • No receipt of the timing belt change, but have pictures of the belt condition that looked good (will probably do next summer)
  • Exhaust leak at one of the flanges
  • Extremely high idle at startup and loud! (possibly fan clutch or fan bracket?)
  • Water leak in the trunk area (carpet is off and i'm testing this out)
  • Water leak in the passenger front area
  • Telescoping steering wheel doesn't seem to function
  • The antenna doesn't fully go down, it will go up all the way up though.
  • Possible leak at the front diff pinion seal
  • Armrests came unattached and don't seem to function on initial re-install
  • Rusted out part of the passenger rear quarter panel that's hidden under bumper
  • The rear AHC shock shields are rusting off in parts, which I know doesn't impact performance but might be something to monitor.
  • Cosmetic issues all around with paint and terrible touchups including: the running boards, door handle and front bumper
  • Rear seatbelts look like they have blood on them or some red fluid
  • Flaking chrome/paint on 1 or 2 of the wheels

I am not new to working on cars and look forward to getting to use all my tools (and getting new ones) to get this back to tip-top shape. I knew going into a purchase of a 100 series that there would be maintenance required to get it back to 100% and I think I got the car at a great price that warrants the issues I can work on.

I am organizing myself a master list of items to purchase to start working on the vehicle

  • More Jack stands! I own 2 rhino ramps and 2 jackstands but would like 4 jackstands to keep car completely level
  • Butyl rope or Super Black Gasket to seal the blank 3rd brake light (hoping this is the leak)
  • Stubby Antenna conversion & grommet (rubber bezel) from 1998-2007 Lexus LX 470 Antenna Mast Parts, 86300-60160, 86300-60161, 86337-60151, 86396-89102, 86392-60150 -
  • Cabin Air Filters
  • LED interior lights, these halogen lights are TERRIBLE
  • Oil filter/Oil for 3k oil change which is coming up soon
  • Heater Tees (these look relatively new on car, but might replace with metal JUST in case)
  • Grease Gun/Grease (for the driveshaft)
  • Weather stripping!! lots of weather stripping
    • Heater core for the passenger side leak (88578-47040)
    • The two windshield seals that go on the LH and RH up to roof line (75533-60031,75534-60021)
  • Have begun making a list of the timing belt, etc. parts for spring/summer.

Things I will be doing in the spring/summer
  • cleaning the undercarriage of rust (wire wheel and chipping any loose rust) then applying a rust converter than either fluid film or surface shield as a protectant.
  • cut/clean and seal the rear quarter panel damage. If its not critical i will leave as is or possible have repair shop weld some sheet metal on it, not too worried.
  • detailing the car either myself or getting it professionally done as there are tons of imperfections and touchups that were done and would like to blend it a bit better.
  • thinking about doing a full timing belt/water pump/pulleys/power steering/thermostat/seals/fan clutch and fan bracket job to get everything nice and fresh.
  • Flushing some necessary fluids
  • Possibly remove running boards? I have a 8yr old and not sure how she will do without them and cost of rock sliders will be up in the air
  • Would like to get GROM Vline as i am used to having my Pixel 7 connect to my car and use google commands to play my music, take calls or message people handsfree.
  • Strip the wheels and either plastidip them black or use real paint like others on this group. I have cans of plastidip that i never used on my focus that i can use up.
Bringing to mechanic Wednesday to get inspection and check out the front diff leak and exhaust leak since I am back to work this week and don't have the time.

I will be posting photos of the vehicle's issues and repairs as I continue on with my build and crossing out the things I fix. Let me know what you think

Look forward to learning more from this group as I already have absorbed tons of info from the threads. Thanks so much!



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