Need to remove MT steering box pitman

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May 1, 2009
I am trying to remove the pitman arm from an 81 MT power steering box. I broke the first removal tool, have tried mapp gas heat, but not oxy/acetylene yet, and hammered on the tool bolt and arm while cranking on the tooling bolt with no luck. This thing won't budge. I'm doing a conversion and want to rebuild or at least reseal the unit. Anyone out there had this problem before with a solution?

F A Q <---- this is a link
Sucessful pitman removal

Thanks a lot! I got it removed with your help and the link info. I used a rosebud oxy/acetylene torch and heated the arm with the puller in place until red. I then used the double hammer method. Had to heat it and do it two times thinking I wouldn't get it off. It finally broke loose and I thought the tool broke or fell off the arm back side. Got it done! Thanks again.

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