Need tips on front bug guard removal

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Apr 11, 2006
Taking off the OEM wind deflector on my 93. What's the best way to remove the rubber stoppers glued to my hood?
Anyone recommend any special products to remove the adhesive w/o damaging the paint.

Good luck on not damaging the paint. You might try a heat gun and a plastic scraper to remove them and leave as little adhesive as possible. You could also try some rubbing alcohol and a whole lot of elbow grease on the remaining residue.
Let's go fishing...

to first remove them, try using fishing line pulled tight down across the hood. it will get super close to the hood without damaging. after that, one of the aforementioned cleaners to get rid of the residue
Got them off, heat seemed to do the trick. Will remove rest of the adhesive and wax tomorrow

Anyone in Denver want a free bud guard????:D

Maybe. I live on the east side of town. PM me with suburb where the guard is, and I'll let you know.

p.s.: do you know Toothfairy?

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