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Apr 8, 2015
In transit for life
I am driving cross country moving from Maryland to Colorado with a stop in Arizona. This morning while in OKC I went to a store and shut off the LC and she made a weird noise and even with key in the off position the truck sputtered and then eventually shut off. However she started right up and I couldn't repeat the noise.

We kept driving and now I am about 8 miles from the Texas border on I40 and I lost all power and can't start the truck. I can't get her to turn over at all. All of the electronics in the LC work, Windows radio etc. No clue what to do next. Any ideas what it could be? At least the family is safe at a truck stop about a mile from here. Almost made it wit the LC!
FYI was cruising about 70mph when I felt a lurch and engine died.
While looking in the engine I saw these wire sticking out. Maybe broken timing belt?

Serpentine belt seems to be fine. It is not broken so the only thing I can think of is the timing belt.
If you suspect it, take off the RH(pass. side)timing cover for a quick inspection. You can prob take off all but the bottom and pry it back for a peek.
how many miles on her and do you know if the 90k mile service was done?
i meant has the timing belt been replaced in the past?
Yes, do you know when the last time it was changed?! As stated above, you can pull back the cover a bit with a screwdriver and peak inside to see the condition of the belt; I did this before changing mine out weeks ago.
Ok so the truck has 153800 on it. I don't believe the belt has been changed. I got caught up in doing other work, replacing brake lines and other things for the trip west.

The LC was towed to a local mechanic in Sayre, OK. He is pretty sure the belt is fried. And he believes that since I was going around 70-75 down the freeway it's probably pretty certain the heads are damaged.

When the engine quit I didn't hear any noise or banging. The pics I posted above are things I saw sticking out. It looks to be some type of belt.
UPDATE: storing the vehicle for now and headed to AZ. I have a truck and trailer that I can use to come back and get her. I'll take her back to AZ and work on her there myself.
Hmmm. Interested to see how this turns out. I'm no mechanic, but my trick left knee tells me change the timing belt and you're good to go.
Hmmm. Interested to see how this turns out. I'm no mechanic, but my trick left knee tells me change the timing belt and you're good to go.

That's what I'm hoping for. I have everything I need for it already so it's the cheapest route for sure.
Just a quick update: got the LC to AZ and stored in a garage. Opened up the passenger side timing belt cover and there was no belt! Just a lot of debris. So I guess that question is answered.
Looking down from passenger side

I'm interested in hearing the outcome of this one. If there is no engine damage then it will add more fuel to the interference vs non interference debate.
What year is your truck? Don't forget you w-pump. I'm optimistic I think it will be fine.

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