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Sep 25, 2005
I just transplanted this 83' fj60 motor into my 75' fj40. I think I have the ignition wiring correct, just not sure which wire this plug off the coil goes to. I followed coolermans thread on the swap and it states connect to a 12VDC (switched). Not sure if it should be the red wire or the black and white one shown. Any input out there? Thanks !
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Hey Matt -

I got your PM. The green one in the top picture goes to an FJ-60 tach connection - I just put heat shrink on it, and tied it to my coil body with a big tie wrap. It's not connected to anything.

I can't really tell about the wires in your bottom picture (i.e. where thy are coming from). The distributor on my 2F Also had a green plug coming off of it. I'll check my rig out tomorrow in the light and try and let you know.
You're done. The large BY wire is connected to the coil +terminal and there is a wire that goes from coil+ into the ignitor to power the ignitor box.

The large green connector in your hand is normally the one connected to the BY wire, but the way you've got it connected works also. Tape up the green connector so nothing can touch the tab inside it. It will be hot with ignition on.

As Rocky mentioned, there is a smaller green connector emanating from the ignitor that is tach output.
Here's what I did....


The big green connector is the one that I used to supply the igniter with 12 VDC (Switched) from my ignition relay. It is "hot" when the key is on. In my case, I also used this same connection to allow me to provide switched power to my charcoal canister Vacuum Switching Valve. I just plugged a insulated bayonet plug onto the spade terminal with both the "Hot/Switched" 12 VDC and the positive to the VSV. The negative of the VSV is grounded to the firewall.

The little green connector is tied up and not used (Tach).

The grey insulated bundle coming off the igniter and goes to the matching plug on the distributor.

Hope this matches what Jim suggests, and helps.

Regards -


You can be sure which one is the switched voltage with a meter. I can't be sure of the stock wiring colors, as I've made wiring mods for my ignition relay.
Thanks Jim and Rocky!!! I have not started it yet, just didnt want to fry anything! I have scoured threads for days and found that there were a few threads that conflicted, so I was unsure. I really appreciate your feedback! Matt

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