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Dec 9, 2007
So I decided to do the glow plugs on my BJ60 ( 3B 12V).
Replaced all 4 with NGK 7493
Cleaned all my contacts etc and no start.

Put in my old plugs with were denso 067100-1680 and it fires right up
Figured I just missed something and put the new plugs back in and it won't fire up at all.

I checked the resistance on all 8 plugs now and the only ones reading anything over 0.5 where 2 of my old ones, so i figure they are one the way out.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Its a bit hard to check voltage at each plug since by the time i have a good contact with my meter the plugs have cycled...

On a 12V 3B the glow plugs get 12V right?

hj 60

Aug 1, 2012
Netherlands Hengevelde
Old is 6v and new is 10.5V?


    • TOYOTA19850-68050
    • TOYOTA19850-68051
Glow Plug Bosch suitable for Landcruiser HJ47 HJ60 HJ75 2H BJ42 BJ70 BJ73 3B

These are rated 6.0V for use in a 12V electrical system
They are suitable for the following model Landcruisers
BJ42 and HJ47 from 10/1982 to 10/1984
HJ60 from 10/1982 to 8/1988
BJ70, BJ73 and HJ75 from 11/1984 to 8/1988
They also suit Coaster HB30 from 10/1986 - 8/1988
Toyota part number for reference: 19850-68050

NGK 7493
Y-147T $10.74 NGK 7493 Glow Plug Diesel Engine Spark Plugs

  • Thread Size: 10mm
  • Thread Pitch: 1.25mm
  • Hex Size: 12mm
  • Glow Tube Length: 28mm
  • Overall Height: 100mm
  • Terminal Type: Threaded
  • Voltage: 10.5v
  • Heating Characteristic: Sheathed Coil
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand: NGK
  • Plug Type: Fast Rapid Glow
  • Torque Specs: 10.8-14.5 lb. ft.

denso 067100-1680:
Replaced with 6V: DG-220
Manufacturer Denso
Overall Length [mm] 100,5
Quality OE
Tightening torque from [Nm] 1
Tightening torque to [Nm] 1,5
Voltage [V] 6
Thread Size M10x1.25
Spanner Size [mm] 12
Terminal Type M4x0.7
ArtNr DG-220
Terminal Type M4x0.7
Part Type Glow Plug

DENSO 067100-1710 - Alternative glow plugs

Replacement glow plugs for DENSO 067100-1710:

Beru GV968
Champion CH154
Delphi HDS262
Denso DG-211
FAE 74171
Magneti Marelli UC48A
NGK 5376
NGK Y-715R
Valeo 345141
Dec 9, 2007
Thanks guys.
So to me that sounds like the replacement plugs I bought are 12V and I need 6V.
Must be some odd ball canadian edition BJ60 thing cause everything I searched was giving me the 12V NGK part number.
May 23, 2013
According to Tom "Lostmarbles" :

If you have 6v, that would be the "superglow system" mine is the traditional 12v.

Super glow 6V
Toyota 19850-68050 (or 68051), Denso DG220
Bosch GPT214, Champion CH125, HKT PT146

Here the Toyota engineers sped-up the pre-heating procedure by using faster heating plugs (lower voltage plugs). They also installed two stages of pre-heat, and automated both these pre-heating durations according to coolant/block temperature and other factors. The first stage connects the busbar directly to the battery (12V) and the second stage (after-glow) drops this voltage to somewhere close to the plugs nominal voltage (6V).
Like the "Fixed Delay system" there is again a glow light (pre-heat light) that is extinguished to tell you when to crank. However here it illuminates for a much shorter time. (Typically just 2 or 3 seconds.)
Dec 9, 2007
Pretty positive I had the superglow system since the plugs I removed where 6V.
Since Lordco basically only deals with NGK (and NGK doesn't make a 6V glow plug) my only option locally was the dealer.
Just to make things simple for the future I did the Wilson switch mod and we are good to go.

One odd thing I noticed is, originally during the glow cycle I would drop voltage (on my gauge) from about 13V to like 8V
Now with the Wilson switch and new 12V plugs it drops by 1 or 2 volts. Checked with a meter and I for sure am getting 12V at every plug tho…? kinda odd

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