need help my wife 06 gx470 all the light on

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Jan 4, 2015
the warning light, trac light and all the other warning light are come on, has anyone come across this issue before? any idea how to fix it? thank you i really appreciate all your help
Need more information before we can help. You should go to a local auto parts store and have them read the code. Search that code and you should find out whats wrong.
I've heard a bad alternator causes this condition as well.
The most common thing to cause that is a faulty gas cap. I bought one from Toyota for about 25 bucks.
same just happened to mine. 2006 LX 470 80k miles. Had it for two years, only work I've done is hooked up the wiring harness to a brake controller (1 year ago) Never had an issue but now we have VSC TRAC, VSC off and VGRS. We have no power with the keys out of the ignition, ie mirrors, seats, windows. Ive had it to two indepenendent shops and Lexus. They all have no idea, other than start looking for a short. Battery checks out good and alternator was replaced two years ago.

Im lost now.
i did replace the alternator and gas cap but the light it still on and today i went to one of my mechanics he run the scanner it show code p430 he said it the catalic converter :(
That is efficiency below standard. Could be O2 sensors. They measure pre and post cat and if there is a problem with one the code is thrown.

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