Need help identifying leak

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Jan 10, 2010
Central Wisconsin
I have what appears to be an oil leak. There has been some oil that randomly collects on the bottom of the exhaust manifold. I cant tell if it leaks while running as it doesn't really smoke but after viewing the area after the cruiser has sat overnight this is what i see.

Check your valve cover. Make sure the gasket is seated on the way and if in doubt use some silicoan to seal it
still trying identify this leak.
seems to leak after shutting down the cruiser and let sit overnight.
is it possible that the oil is pooling under the valve cover and seeping down the valve guides and out the exhaust port?
I would think if the valve guides and the valve guide seals were so worn as to allow drip leakage that you'd have a very noticeable cloud of blue smoke out the exhaust pipe when running, because they'd be show. And even if that were not the case, the oil inside the exhaust would still cause smoke when the exhaust gasses heated up the manifold.
i agree about the valve guides providing a lot of smoke.
the oil level after running is about half full on the dipstick
I let the cruiser sit a few days and the level comes back.
I think this is part of my problem. Is the oil sitting up on/in the head somewhere? if so, is something plugged?
The only way the “oil would be coming back” on the dipstick if you are not adding oil would be a fuel pump leaking into the crankcase.

Remove the rocker cover and see if “oil is pooling and not draining back”.

Again, this does not make any sense as there are twelve-plus oil drain back ports on the cylinder head, you know, the push rod holes.

You are positive that it is engine oil and not fuel, coolant or ?

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