Need help ASAP

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Jun 26, 2005
City that rhymes with fun
Hey guys im in the process of installing my trollhole carb and i just realized the plug on the carb doesnt match up to the male one on the stock harness. I didnt realize id need a diff male fitting. Now im stuck till i can figure out what i need.

I read that coolerman makes the part needed. Is this correct?


Remove one of the plastic coverings and it will work but ask coolerman for the part i am sure he has it.
Good call with cutting off the plastic!!! I can at least get it out of the garage!!!

Mud has saved me today!!! As usual
Just make a short jumper with quick disconnect lugs.
Agree, one male and one female spade connector crimped to a short wire should have you running without cutting stuff....
Well geez! Lol like i said learning everyday was out of the cruiser life for 7 years while my 40 was in storage. Now that i sold it and got a 45 im back!!!

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