Need fuse block pic for '73FJ

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Oct 10, 2007
Arlington, VA
Anyone have a pic of the back of a '73 40 fuse block? Looking for the single-wire colors for the 5 or 6 blade connectors on the back of fuse block. I've got wiring schematics, but what I have in hand isn't matching up very well. Thanks to the PO, I have quite a mess to deal with. I might need to find another harness. 12 hours into this project and not much progress.

Fuse block.jpg
I have a 11/73 FJ. Which is basically a 74. I can snap some photos first thing in the morning and see if that helps. Which wiring schematic are you looking at. I don't recall any to be spot on. You kinda have to use you best sense when looking at them.

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