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Apr 6, 2003
Tomball, TX
Hey Y'all,

Just bought an 8274 and need to replace my tired POS bumper with something that will complement the winch. Could anyone who has an 8274 post a picture of their bumper with the winch? I've seen the CCOT "Hell for Stout", the Man-a-fre, the JT Outfitters, and the Specter versions, but still haven't quite seen what I'm looking for. I'm thinking about having a local welder here make one once I find one that I really like. I'd appreciate any ideas anyone may have. Thanks in advance. :D
Mar 13, 2003
Raleign / Durham, NC
Three words: Structural Channel Steel. That's what I used as the base for my bumper / brush guard combo. It's cheap and strong. If you have access to a someone who welds, they may also be able to cut the hole for the roller fairlead. The channel steel fits well on the stock mounting brackets, you'll just have to make up some shimms (I used 1/2" black pipe) to compensate for the slight angle on the inside area of the steel.

Good Luck

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