Need advice on CD player compatibility

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Mar 18, 2006
Thanks everyone for all the info on Toyota double bin radio/cd players. It has been very helpful. I have a 4-Runner with a 86120-35170, which has broken as have many of yours. Could someone be so kind as to tell me if other 86120s will fit? For example, your advise may be that it is the side mounts which are different and, since I have my original, I can swap mounts no problem... On the other hand, someone mentioned sending theirs out for repair, which may prove more financially viable.

I'll leave it at that. Thanks again! As my family grows I will try to upgrade to a Land Crusier and hate mud with teh rest of you.

x2 what top end said. Get a good quality aftermarket stereo in single DIN size and get a single DIN UHF to fill up the space. Did it to mine looks factory.:cheers:
Not sure the Americans have UHF 2 ways.Any of you good old boys verify this?

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