Myrtle Beach Fire

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He (greenseaman) must be OK. He's coming to Mt. Pleasant right now to buy a '93 80:clap::clap::clap:
Nobody has called to say either of my 2 houses are on fire, so I guess they will still be there when I get home tomorrow.

I new them damn Carolina Bays them hippies wanted to save were trouble.:rolleyes:

Scott said they were mostly in North Myrtle
It's all on the west side of the ICW, for now. If it jumps the ICW MB will be in bad shape. Strip clubs and restaurants watch out.:eek: Not looking forward to smelling the smoke over the weekend.

That's a bit harsh. My opinion of Myrtle Beach an arsonist should get a meritorious achievement award.
Oh my, did I say that out loud?

But I'll bet Belmont is right. It's the 'preserved' wilderness that's caught the brunt from what I could tell. Preservation means no moderate amenities like, humm; firebreaks, water, access roads.

Just my three cents.
when people fxxx with mother nature and stop controlled burns.....lots of dead stuff in flower beds and around trees.

Saw guy on television that stayed...turned on his water sprinkler system and then took hoses to save as many neighbor houses as he man.
No doubt, if I had to leave my house I would have run the sprinkler system the whole time I was gone. I am betting that some people did not care if there house was taken seeing as how many people are having trouble selling or are about to be foreclosed on. I have heard some people comment that this will give a little boost back to const. in MB, but I bet you over half of the people will not rebuild. Instead they will either buy something else, or rent. Just my guess though.

Yes...I am ok. I was in Florida for the week, so I missed the fire and the emails.
e were at the beach this past weekend and drove up to where the fire was and still is. Took us a while to actually find the area as we were not looking west enough. This is what we saw.







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