my off road trailer build

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Apr 14, 2007
my off road trailer build with lots of pics

I'm new to this forum and figured I would share some pics. of my offroad trailer,not completed but will be soon. I plan on having it and my FJ 80 at the Tire Pros truckin nationals on April 26-27


I am building a rack for the spare tire and solar panel, hopefully will have that done this week.




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That trailer is awesome!!

Plenty of ground clearance underneith the top heavy is she?

Looks good with your rig!
It isnt top heavy at all and it handles better them I expected, it's well balanced and doesn't bounce at all. I was thinking of useing a treg or lock and roll coupler but I didnt want the 360 degree roll over problem so I went with a pintle and it is awesome no noise or binding.
Heres a couple pics of the rack I made, I like how it holds the solar panel up and out of the way, I am not sure if I like the fire extinguisher where its at, any one have a suggestion where else to put it let me know.


That's a nice home built trailer. I thought it was a civie Bantam at first glance, until I saw it didn't have the indented strengthening ribs in the side. Nice craftsmanship. I like the front hitch for adjustability. The Lunette looks badly oversize, but not when you look at how well the front of it fits the pintle space. The only criticsm I have is that there is very little play for rotational movement (twist).

Food for thought: Northern Tool has a couple of rotating pintle assemblies:
Buyers Forged Swivel-Type Pintle Hook — 15-Ton Capacity, Model# BP100A
Buyers Forged Swivel-Type Pintle Hook — 15-Ton Capacity with Mounting Plate, Model# BP125A

I used a rotating pintle assembly from a Korean War era Dodge M37 Weapons Carrier, as seen in this thread:
These aren't easy to find. As more small military trailers transitioned to rotating lunettes, the later M37's went to a non-rotating pintle.

This would allow more articulation with your trailer. The rotating pintles from Northern Tool are spring loaded, and do not rotate as easily as the M37 assembly. You'd have a bit more control from rollover with them. (I'm going to install a heavy copper crush washer in my assembly so it will not rotate easily by hand.)
I really dont anything about these military trailers I just think they look cool.I cant take credit for building the box on this trailer I bought it on Ebay , it was a pretty "show" trailer that the previous owner had made to match a CJ7 but sold the jeep and the guy that bought it didnt want the trailer :confused: .
I got this trailer because it was a great platform to build on, I have changed out the axle and homemade srings that were on it, I was going to put a torflex axle but I did some tradeing and ended up with the axle and tires and wheels for free!!
The body is full of bondo and several layers of paint, I may end up changeing the body later, but for now it works ok.I was told from the guy selling it that it was a 40's model dont know , no plates or anything so no way of really knowing.
I also changed the tongue and made it much beefier and put the lunnette ring on,I thought it was too big but it fits well and it was another trade so when no money leaves my pocket I can live with it.I went with the bolt on pintle because Landcruiser's OEM bumper are drilled for them and it leveled the trailer out when towing.I am considering the swivel pintle though, I am a truck driver so today I checked our trucks that have pintles and most of them are swivel with a huge spring like in the pics you posted, my question is would my trailer be heavy enough to flex that spring?
and if it did flex and I got on a rough spot on the trail what would keep it from flipping over completely? I have seen a belly dump roll over once, maybe I could weld a limiting tab :hmm:

I am thinking of having a soft top with roll up side made it would fit nice on the rack , give some opinons and ideas on it

made a new tail gate

The former owner of this trailer did a ****py job on the tailgate and the thing weighed 65 pounds !
I started by cutting off the old tailgate.


heres a close up of the 1/4 inch steel diamondplate, now I know why it was so heavy.


the new one being centered





for the latch I just welded on a couple washers and then ground them flat on top.



I'm going to put on aluminum diamondplate tonight and then finsih welding the roof rack, I will post more pics later. :popcorn:

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