My GX Wheeling

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Feb 7, 2002
Woodstock, GA
It is trickier than I thought to balance power, momentum, and ATRAC with that V8.

Takes a lot of practice!
did you just cut and paste the URL form facebook? i have tried that before and it has not worked as a link.
Actually, i meant, how did you get it to go directly to the vid without logging into facebook? Good video by the way.
I made the videos public.
That sharp turn on video 001 is wicked. I would have certainly scratched the side if I was doing it.
Good stuff!

Good to know our GX can handle all this...just needs a lift...i noticed you even got stock wheels.
It is all in the sliders...when people ask what I say they need to do first, I always say sliders, then a lift. Sliders pay for themselves 1000 times over.
Looks great man. Like always, I'm sure the videos make it look much less steep than it really is. You planning on going to the run in the end of July?
Those hills were both about 100-150 foot sections and went up 50 feet+ vertically in that distance. Not crazy steep, but steep enough! I am not sure on July, largely will depend on work.
Looks good Dan, nice to see it in action! Time for you to put a rear bumper on there. :D


Sent from deep in the mountains of Honduras using only sticks and rocks.
Nice to see a GX on the trail!

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