My FJs new Face

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Jun 28, 2006
Columbia, SC
I have finally started working on my fj and wanted to post some pics of my progress. I like the look and will slowly be removing all chrome. I have painted the rear bumper; however, i have to get the bumper mount fixed before it can go back on. Hopefully soon to come is a lift. (That is going to be my Bday present). Im also in the middle of fixing/replacing the passenger side window. In the mean time im doing low budget maintainence items.
This is what i started with...
thanks. yeah we will see how the paint over chrome plastic will do. if it messes up i will eventually take it all off, get it sandblasted and then repaint it.
Skip the lift and just go SOA Brian. If you do a lift a yr or two from now your gonna want more.
looks just like mine....err only my rear quarters are beat to hell and my two toned painted job is just about on its final leg. I like the black grill. I have been thinking about doing the same but i need to find some tires so i can throw them on with the black 15x8's i just picked up from Alex. Thanks Alex!!! Anyway....ruff stuff has a complete SOA kit now. All you need is a cut and turned axle, their kit, a anti wrap bar, and new shocks( i don't think I'm missing anything). Oh and well gears and tires to match the 5+ inches of lift you'll get. Now that there is a kit out there it cuts my SOA completion time in half.:D

good luck with what ever you decide.l
Skip the lift and just go SOA Brian. If you do a lift a yr or two from now your gonna want more.

don't do spring over if it isn't a dedicated trail rig............... I think you are on the right path brian it looks really good so far :cheers:
yeah i decided not to go SOA because i want it more user friendly for marya and i when we go on weekend trips and such... SOA is a little too big.... hopefully i will get about ~6 inches over stock height with tires, 3"lift, and a shackle lift... i too am going black steel rims.... i like the black look with the two tone
SOA can be friendly man get some of those steps that fold down when you open the door. Those things are totally chick friendly. Looking good though man.
My SOA is very pavement friendly. I can drive 65 down the interstate w/o any problems - I do need to tigheten up my steering though but that's besides the point. The job was by Lance Williams @ IPOR though so that could have something to do with it...
yeah but if i get SOA, then i have to get bigger than 33-34 inch tires, then i have to re-gear... I dont have the money for all that... So if anyone is willing to Sponsor my SOA please let me know ASAP and i will consider it... otherwise im going the more budget friendly way ;)

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